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The Decades-old Skin Remedy That Remains the Best Anti-aging Treatment Available Tags: tretinoin skin care tips

For nearly 50 years, retinoids have been the acne treatment method favored by dermatologists. There are various forms of this product and each is used to combat specific types of skin problems. Some are used for certain types of skin cancers and others are prescribed to clear up psoriasis and treat other types of inflammatory disorders of the skin. One of the most popular uses of retin A is as an anti-aging product and it is available by prescription and over-the-counter (OTC).

Erase the Lines

The first FDA-approved retinoid to treat wrinkles was tretinoin cream. It is a prescription version of retin a that was medically proven to make wrinkles less prominent by increasing the production of collagen. It is believed to help reduce the effects of sun damage on the skin even potentially preventing the development of some skin cancers. Once people began using the product to improve their wrinkles, it was discovered that there were additional benefits beyond eliminating these unwanted lines.

Fade Brown Spots

The collagen production the cream encouraged not only helped to minimize wrinkles, it also removed brown spots caused by aging and sun exposure. The users of the cream noticed that their spots faded over time until they were barely noticeable or entirely erased. The disappearance of these spots also improved the look of the skin and make the user look younger than they had before they began using the prescription cream. Surprisingly, long-term use of retin a cream offered even more advantages.

tretinoin skin care tips

Brighten the Skin

An additional improvement the skin treatment offered was to help people to shed their damaged skin faster and reveal a rosier, fresher complexion. The boost in collagen production helped to plump the skin and make it firmer looking and smoother and firmer to the touch. It was a complete anti-aging beauty treatment in one package.

Avoid Product Overuse

Retinoid creams and serums available by prescription are stronger and perform the best for people that have severe skin problems like uncontrolled acne or precancerous spots like actinic keratosis on their skin. Patients using the prescriptions brands must be cautious of exposing their skin to the sun and should remain under the supervision of their dermatologist during use.

Most people do not need this level of treatment to get the results they desire. An OTC cream is also an effective option that is much more affordable than prescription medications and does not require a doctor visit to purchase. The skin is still sensitive to sunlight when an OTC cream is in use, but anyone that wants younger looking skin should always shield themselves from sunlight.

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